Damien Warman (dmw) wrote in aust_sf_fan_fun,
Damien Warman

GUFF 2008

 Barber and ClarkDingKrasnosteinNo preferenceHold overTotal
Rest of world-1---1

With more than 50% of the first preference votes, the GUFF administrators are happy to announce that barring force majeure Sue Ann Barber and Trevor Clark will attend Eastercon LX.

The administrators thank all the candidates, their nominators, and more than 100 members of the various fannish communities, for participating, and in the process raising around AUD1400.

It is possible that some of the regional attributions may be incorrect, and one or two votes may have been mislaid. Revised numbers may be published at a later date. Nonetheless, the administrators are confident that the decision of the voting populace is clear. In keeping with the traditions of the race, a list of voters names will be published in a paper fanzine... although obviously not how their votes were directed.


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