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GUFF Fundraiser - Diana Wynne Jones tribute t-shirts

I am the current GUFF (Going Up and Over Fan Fund) winner, and in a few weeks I'll be heading off to Eastercon in the UK.  Part of the reason I was so excited about winning GUFF is that I get to go to the memorial event for Diana Wynne Jones (my most favourite writer ever, who died in 2011).  I decided that I'd like to wear something special in memory of DWJ to the memorial.  I have no artistic talent, but I have a friend who does does, and is a DWJ fan to boot!  She took some ideas I had and produced some fabulous artwork.

I thought other people might be interested in having something special like this in tribute to DWJ.  I have put the design up on a Cafepress store.  The artist has donated the artwork, and I have obtained permission from DWJ's family to put the artwork on items for sale.  All profits from the sales are going to go raise money for two causes.  The first is for St Peter's Hospice, the place that cared for DWJ before she died.  The second is GUFF. One of my duties as GUFF winner is to fundraise, and I feel honoured that I can offer such great items to do that, and also help with donations to the hospice.

Hopefully there are some fan fund supporters who are also Diana Wynne Jones fans out there who will like the items!

Here is the store:

Click on the artwork to go through to t-shirts, bags, mugs etc.

As I post there is a limited-time sale on that gives 30% discount on some of the t-shirts.


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