FFANZ race is now on

The Fan Fund for Australia and New Zealand was created to strengthen the ties between Australia and New Zealand fandom. FFANZ assists fans with travel to the Natcon of the other nation, and assists with as many of the attendant costs of travel as practical, as well as facilitating connections between fans.

This years FFANZ race is a westward bound one, facilitating travel by a New Zealand fan to the 53rd Australian National Science Fiction Convention, Continuum X, to be held in Melbourne from the 6th - 9th of June 2014. It is expected that after the trip the winner takes over as administrator of the fund, engage in fundraising for the fund, and that they promote links between the two fandom’s via a trip report or other means. Please note that although there is only one candidate this year that the ballot is also a fun raising venture, so please vote.

The ballot form for this race can be found on the FFANZ web site.
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The 2013 DUFF race ...

... is underway.

The candidates are Bill Wright and Clare McDonald-Sims.

The ballot can be found at An rtf format is also available at

And here's the ballot, in htm:

DUFF, the Down Under Fan Fund
2013 Ballot

Founded in 1972, and supported by contributions from all over the world, DUFF sends a delegate from North America to Australia – New Zealand, or the other way in alternating years, attending the World Science Fiction Convention if it is on the receiving side or otherwise at least one national convention, with any further fannish travel that is practical, meeting fans, making friends, radiating goodwill, publishing a trip report, and becomes the DUFF Administrator in turn until the next cycle on the delegate’s home side. The new delegate is also expected to publish a trip report, copies of which may be sold to add to the fund.

In 2013, the 71st World Science Fiction convention will be LoneStarCon 3, to be held in San Antonio, Texas, in the USA, from August 29-Sept 2, 2013. Nominations were accepted until midnight 31 March 2013. Candidates to be eligible had to have three Australian or New Zealand nominators, and two North American nominators, to provide a written platform, and to contribute a donation of at least $25 Australian or equivalent.

Votes will be accepted until midnight 10 June 2013, and must be accompanied by a donation of at least $5 Australian, Canadian, United States, or $7 New Zealand. Anyone active in fandom on or before 1 Jan 2013 may vote. “Active in fandom” means a natural person involved in fannish pursuits in our community, such as participation in clubs or conventions or fanzines, singing, costuming or social life, physically, electronically, or otherwise. Ballots must include the voter’s name, postal address, and either phone or email contact information. Paper ballots must be signed. Voters who think they may not be known to an Administrator should include the name and contact information of a fan who knows them and who can be confirmed by the Administrators. A copy of this ballot can be found online at

DUFF uses the preferential system of balloting, which yields an automatic runoff if needed and assures a majority win. The voter ranks choices in order of preference, e.g., 1, 2, 3. If there is no absolute majority for one choice after a first count of votes, first place votes for the lowest ranking choice are dropped and the second place votes on those ballots are assigned to the choices named. This goes on until one choice has a majority. It can therefore be important to vote preferences other than first place, although this is not required.

Mail this ballot with your donation, or pay by PayPal and state preferences and voter information through the Personal tab.


Bill Wright
Australasian nominators: Bruce Gillespie, Mervyn Binns, Martin James Ditmar (Dick) Jenssen
North American nominators: Murray Moore, John Purcell

Bill Wright joined fandom in the 1950s and is a lifetime member of the Melbourne SF Club, founder member of Anzapa, founder member of the Nova Mob (Melbourne's SF discussion group) and was secretary of Aussiecon, 33rd Worldcon in Melbourne in 1975. He also organised the Australian side of the Bring Bruce Bayside Fan Fund in 2004. His fanzine Interstellar Ramjet Scoop is now an e-zine on eFanzines. Currently he works for the Australian Science Fiction Foundation. Bill will be an able representative of the Australasian science fiction community at Worldcon and will write a ripper of a trip report.

Clare McDonald-Sims
Australasian nominators: Rose Mitchell, Perry Middlemiss, Janice Gelb
North American nominators: Curt Phillips, Chris Garcia

I found SF when my high school librarian got tired of me asking for reading recommendations and suggested I start with A; Asimov came up and I never looked back. I found fandom through Star Trek (via the books) and stayed for the company. More of a behind-the-scenes type than a leader, I’ve attended three Worldcons in three different countries so far and helped on Committee for Aussiecon 4. I relish being pushed out of my comfort zone, and therefore love to travel. If I win, I promise to say “G’day” to as many people as possible while at Worldcon.


(__) Bill Wright

(__) Clare McDonald-Sims

(__) Hold Over Funds

(__) No Preference

(__) Write-in _____________________________




Street Address:



ZIP/Postal Code:


Contact Phone or Email:

If you think you may not be known to an Administrator, please provide the name and contact information of a fan who is likely to be known to the Administrators and can vouch for you:


In US$: by PayPal to Ulrika O’Brien ( noting this is a DUFF payment; or by check (made out to “Down Under Fan Fund”) sent to John Hertz, 236 S. Coronado St. #409, Los Angeles, CA 90057
In C$: by PayPal to Ulrika O’Brien ( or by cheque to René Walling, 431 Church St., Beaconsfield, QC H9W 3R9
In A$: by PayPal to David Cake ( ) noting this is a DUFF payment; or by cheque (made out to “Down Under Fan Fund”), either sent to Australian Science Fiction Foundation, PO Box 215, Forest Hill, VIC 3131, or included with your ballot.
In NZ$: ask Norman Cates ( for details.

D. Your preferences, voter information, and notification of how you made your donation should go to either one of the DUFF administrators.

Australia & New Zealand
David Cake
6 Florence Rd.
Nedlands, WA 6009, Australia
Phone: +614 1207 3082 (mobile)

North America
John Hertz
236 S. Coronado St. #409
Los Angeles, CA 90057 USA
Phone: (213) 384-6622

Reproduction of this ballot is encouraged, provided it is reproduced verbatim, apart from the name below.
Anyone doing so should substitute his or her name here: Irwin Hirsh
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NAFF Race Details! Voting Commences!


FFANZ Nominations Now Open

FFANZ - Please pass along...

Nominations are now open for the 2013 Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand (FFANZ). FFANZ in 2013 will send one New Zealand science fiction fan from New Zealand to the 2013 Australian Natcon, Conflux 9 in Canberra from 25-28 April.

Prospective candidates will have until February 10th 2013 to file the documents required to have one's name placed in nomination and added to the ballot.

The ballots will be published and distributed in late February, and voting
will run from February 28th - March 12.

Candidates should file the following documents:
  • A brief letter stating one's intent to run for FFANZ 2013.
  • A nominator and a seconder, preferably a nominator from New Zealand and a seconder from Australia.
  • A 100 word or less platform statement specifying the candidate's reasons for running and qualifications for becoming the 2013 FFANZ delegate.
The duties of the winning candidate will be as follows:Travel to Australia and attend Conflux 9, the 52nd Australian Natcon, in Canberra from 25-28 April.
  • Visit and get to know as many Australian Science Fiction fans as time will permit.
  • Become the New Zealand FFANZ administrator until a replacement administrator is found, normally this happens when the administrator role is handed over to the succeeding Aussie-bound delegate (in 2015 if a race is run every year).
  • Raise funds and maintain an account to be used by the next NZ delegate(s) in 2015.
  • Promote connections between Australian and New Zealand fandom by a trip report or other means.
Send required documents to; for New Zealand fans for Australian fans

More information about being a fan fund delegate can be found at or
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GUFF 2013 - Call for Nominations

GUFF – The Gone Under Fan Fund

Call for Nominations

GUFF is the Going Under (or Get Up and Over) Fan Fund which transports SF fans from Europe to Australasia (and vice versa). Nominations are now open for the southbound race, to transport a European fan (or fans) to Conflux [], the 2013 Australian National Convention (NatCon), to be held at the Rydges Capital Hill in Barton, Canberra, on 25th to 28th April 2013. Depending on the length of trip they're able to make, the winner could also consider attending Swancon [] in Perth (29th March to 1st April) and/or Au Contraire 2 [] in Wellington (12th to 14th July). The winner will also be required to take over the administration of the fund for the next northbound and southbound races.

If you wish to stand, please contact us at the postal or email address below. You will then need three European and two Australasian nominators (who will each need to confirm their nominations), a 100-word platform to appear on the ballot, and a bond of £15/€20/AU$25  guaranteeing to attend the 2013 Natcon if you win. If you wish to stand and are unsure about how to go about getting any of these things, what the fund pays for, or the duties of a GUFF delegate and administrator, then feel free to contact us in confidence.

Nominations are open until Thursday 11th October 2012, and candidates will be announced on Saturday 23th October at Octocon [] in Dublin. Voting will then run until Monday 7th January 2013, with the winner announced at GenghisCon [] in Perth, Western Australia on 13th January.

Nominations should be sent to james [at] scifi [dot] ie, or James Shields, 7 The Way, Highlands, Drogheda, IRELAND; or kylie_ding [at] hotmail [dot] com, or Kylie Ding, 80A Forrest Street, FREMANTLE  WA   6160, AUSTRALIA.

Please disseminate widely.

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DUFF Will Hold Over Funds

Yesterday the DUFF Administrators Made the following announcement:


DUFF Will Hold Over Funds

by John Hertz and David Cake

This year's Down Under Fan Fund voting was counted on June 1, 2012, Pacific Daylight Time, by John Hertz the North America Administrator and David Cake the Australia - New Zealand Administrator.

Founded in 1972, and supported by donations from all over the world, DUFF each year votes for a delegate from NA to ANZ, or the other direction, in alternate years. Anyone active in fandom may vote.

The 2012 candidates were Juanita Coulson of the United States and Murray Moore of Canada. Moore in his platform urged voters to choose Hold Over Funds and said he would not go if elected.

The decision was clear from first-choice votes. Counting lower choices was not needed.

Hold Over Funds received 38 first-choice NA votes + 19 ANZ. Coulson received 24 first-choice NA votes + 1 ANZ. Moore received 11 first-choice NA votes + 2 ANZ.

Funds will be held over. No delegate will be sent in 2012.

Each Administrator received some out-area votes (e.g. Britain) which are included in the totals above.

A more detailed report will follow.

John Hertz


GUFF Fundraiser - Diana Wynne Jones tribute t-shirts

I am the current GUFF (Going Up and Over Fan Fund) winner, and in a few weeks I'll be heading off to Eastercon in the UK.  Part of the reason I was so excited about winning GUFF is that I get to go to the memorial event for Diana Wynne Jones (my most favourite writer ever, who died in 2011).  I decided that I'd like to wear something special in memory of DWJ to the memorial.  I have no artistic talent, but I have a friend who does does, and is a DWJ fan to boot!  She took some ideas I had and produced some fabulous artwork.

I thought other people might be interested in having something special like this in tribute to DWJ.  I have put the design up on a Cafepress store.  The artist has donated the artwork, and I have obtained permission from DWJ's family to put the artwork on items for sale.  All profits from the sales are going to go raise money for two causes.  The first is for St Peter's Hospice, the place that cared for DWJ before she died.  The second is GUFF. One of my duties as GUFF winner is to fundraise, and I feel honoured that I can offer such great items to do that, and also help with donations to the hospice.

Hopefully there are some fan fund supporters who are also Diana Wynne Jones fans out there who will like the items!

Here is the store:

Click on the artwork to go through to t-shirts, bags, mugs etc.

As I post there is a limited-time sale on that gives 30% discount on some of the t-shirts.